API (Application Programming Interface):  It is a set of protocols and functions required to communicate amongst software components. Using API connections, an application built using OREOPS can get / put the required information from / to other software or database through an appropriate API integrated with it.

Deployment: It stands for making your product ready for use to the end-users or testing it oneself. Once the app is developed and built, you can make it available for the public by deploying it in PlayStore / AppStore. Also to test the apps you built, you can scan the generated QR code or use the link to download and install the app and test the same in your Android / iOS phone.

Controls: Controls are a collective set of tools or functions that can be used to design the application. In a page, the controls will appear on the left side of the screen where the users can just drag & drop the it in the design area based on the requirement. (Example: Text, Button, Text Box, Label etc…)

List of Controls in OREOPS

Templates: There is a list of predefined applications available as templates that can be used by the users directly instead of developing the app from scratch. The templates can be used as such or can be modified as needed based on the requirement. (Example: Internal job portal, Visitor Management System, Doctor’s Appointment System etc...)