Any application requires both development, testing teams, and a manager-like-figure to monitor the daily progress of the operations performed by the team. OreOps has configured 3 specific roles to be assigned depending on the said teams' contribution in building the application.

The Roles are

  • Admin

  • Contributor 

  • Guest

Admin defines a manager-like figure who would monitor all the tasks performed by the contributor and a guest. An admin has the unilateral right to invite new contributors or guests or remove existing ones who have access to the application. He has the right to create or delete an application. An admin also has permissions to create new roles which could be an amalgamation of all the 3 roles or anything new.

Contributor is synonymous to a developer in a team. He reads and writes into the files and can make any changes to the application. Once a file is checked-out by a ‘Contributor’, only he will have provision to write to it. It remains restricted to ‘Read’ to the remaining users. After the same file is checked-in, any 'Contributor' who has access to the app could check-out and write to it. Every modification made to the file by each 'Contributor' is recorded and stored as a separate version.

Guest could be a tester who tests the application for any issues that need to be addressed. Guest can only read a file but have no rights to write in a file. Guests could also be any other team member (say C-level executives, Product team etc..) who will only review the application.

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