OreOPS Studio includes a set of keyboard shortcuts for many common actions. The below list of shortcut keys can be used during App design in the IDE which will help you to ease the work and enhance your working efficiency.

Description / ActionWindowsMac
Save the mobile design pageCtrl+SCommand+S
Undo the changesCtrl+ZCommand+Z
Redo the changesCtrl+YCommand+Y
Delete the selected controlDeleteOption+D
Open the page EventsCtrl+Shift+ECommand+Shift+E
Open the page PropertiesCtrl+Alt+PCommand+Alt+P
Clone the selected controlCtrl+DCommand+D
Decrease size of the control in Upward directionCtrl+Shift+Up ArrowCommand+Shift+Up Arrow
Decrease size of the control in Left-hand sideCtrl+Shift+Left ArrowCommand+Shift+Left Arrow
Increase size of the control in Right-hand sideCtrl+Shift+Right ArrowCommand+Shift+Right Arrow
Increase size of the control in Downward directionCtrl+Shift+Down ArrowCommand+Shift+Down Arrow
Move the control UpwardsCtrl+Up ArrowCommand+Up Arrow
Move the control Left sideCtrl+Left ArrowCommand+Left Arrow
Move the control Right sideCtrl+Right ArrowCommand+Right Arrow
Move the control DownwardsCtrl+Down ArrowCommand+Down Arrow
Align selected controls to RightAlt+ROption+R
Align selected controls to LeftAlt+LOption+L
Align selected controls to TopAlt+TOption+T
Align selected controls to BottomAlt+BOption+B
Align selected controls to same HeightAlt+HOption+H
Align selected controls to same WidthAlt+WOption+W
Align selected controls to CenterAlt+COption+C
Open the Application settings windowAlt+AOption+A
Trigger Build - Debug AndroidCtrl+Alt+ACommand+Option+A
Trigger Build - Debug iOSCtrl+Alt+ICommand+Option+I
Trigger Build - Release AndroidCtrl+Shift+ACommand+Shift+A
Trigger Build - Release iOSCtrl+Shift+ICommand+Shift+I
Launch Quick DesignCtrl+QCommand+Q